Consulting & Management of Medical Institutions

GHMC is working on the basis of long term experiences in hospital planning and hospital management. Hospital planning includes feasibility studies, resource budgeting (financial, personnel, special, timing and technical resources), business plans with revenue- and cost budget planning.

The demands and wishes of our customers are the basis of our work. GHMC is also consulting in medical and economic resource management for hospital departments like OR, ICU, cardiac-cath-lab, endoscopy and diagnostic centres and many other departments. Consulting for those areas includes the coordination between medical demands and economic prerequisites that cover resource planning. Resource planning (with spaces, technical- and manpower resources taken a specialist for plans and construction drawings prepares  hospital building phases.

In Germany, medical and economic criterias are both taken to manage a hospital effectively and with the highst moral-ethical demand. Putting all plans into praxis, GHMC is offering hospital management which is a normally a German medical director and a financial director for the hospital. 
The challenge  for hospital planning and hospital management is to have long-term experiences and to know medical contents, clinical processes on the one side combined with an instinctive feeling and sensitivity for an appropriate business frame and for a high acceptance of the basic right  to receive medical care. Medical treatment decision making process should not be influenced by financial criteria, nevertheless medicine must be financed. High quality medicine is not a contradiction to efficiency, even though it is an interesting and ambitious challenge!

GHMC is also offering specific topics of the area of hospital planning and management, just as DRG-mapping, establishing internationalization strategies in medical institutions, designing concepts for special hospital departments, strategies for a higher acceptance level of hospital employees for internationalization and integration approaches. See also division Workshops and Seminars!