Consulting on "International Patients"

We consult international and German patients and their families/friends about ways for medical treatment in Germany. We can use our huge network of professors, specialists and hospitals that are explicitly famous for specific diseases. Our own, personal long-term experiences having worked as doctors and nurses in hospital departments like OR's, ICU's, wards, outpatient clinics and are working in management positions of hospitals. All experiences base on consulting patients.  

For instance, GHMC has long-term working relationship with one of the very few pancreas specialists worldwide who is doing the highly complicated operation of pancreas cancer. Treating pancreas cancer there is only one healing option (so-called curative approach) which is the operation. All other treatment options are just keeping the quality of life on a certain, preferably a high quality level of life (so-called palliative approach), means those alternatives are not healing.

Along with offering treatment options (together worked out with the according specialist/doctor/professor) we prepare a price estimation on the basis of the German price catalogues for medical treatment and we consult customers in all other subjects that might come up with a medical treatment here in Germany, just as accommodation of accompanying persons, pick-up services airport and so on.


emergencyIn case of an emergency you may reach us 24/7: 

+49 (0) 174 34 88 536
   (English and German)
+49 (0) 172 45 29 336
   (Russian and Armenian)