General Information

For several years, German hospitals have been faced with a number of challenges. Health care politics has made it difficult for medical facilities to concentrate solely on treating patients, as it is believed that medical facilities should operate like “normal” companies, i.e., focus on bringing revenue and cost closer together.

Germany implemented—rather quickly—a highly professional price system for inpatient treatment. The DRG system was introduced in 2003. It works this way: Medical facilities are paid a certain price for the removal of an appendix. This price is based on the average inpatient stay, and hospitals, for example, are paid the same regardless if the patient stays two days or 12 days.

German medical facilities have highly qualified and dedicated personnel as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment, and patients in Germany have the right to choose in which medical facility they are treated. Today’s patients are no longer uninformed and often they arrive at a medical facility not implicitly trusting the medical staff that it will do the right thing, as was the case in previous decades. This is the area where German medical facilities can improve: customer service.

GHMC provides business models for improving medical facilities’ interactions with patients and their families as well as advancing their practices with health insurance providers and governmental departments. These practices can range from marketing strategies to strategies for international expansion, among a wide range of other available business practices. In many ways these practices are new to German medical facilities but also they are urgently needed to adapt to today’s marketplace. GHMC can help identify internal problems in a medical facility and offer customer-/patient-related solutions and help implement these new strategies with the current staff. The success of the GHMC model can only succeed where understanding and respect for all employees is clearly apparent.