General Information for german health-insured patients
(Germans and Foreigners who live and work in Germany)

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In Germany, health-insured patients have following possibilities:

  • Medical treatments with a medical indication are paid by German health insurances

    In Germany, there are standardized medical quality treatments (SOP – standard operational procedures), mostly internationally standardized, for all types of diseases and all types of treatment procedures. Anyhow, there are proven specialists for special or rare diseases where it makes really sense to choose this centre and those specialists; e.g. Retino-Blastom – a rare cancer disease of small children; the treatment and research centre is in the University Hospital Centre Essen only and all German hospitals should send patients/parents to this centre; Prostate Carcinoma: the non-metastasized form there is the most common treatment option the surgical resection. There are a couple of good centres in Germany but the most famous centre is in Hamburg, Martini-Clinic (after one of the first professors of the University Hospital there). The Martini-Clinic is worldwide famous and they have outstanding results/success. They do the highest number of operations world-wide and thus they are most experienced.

    A GOLDEN RULE IN MEDICINE: quantity is quality! Means, the more a specialist is doing a certain type of treatment the more he / she is experienced. A specialist who is doing a special operation 400x a year is considered as 'better' than a specialist who is doing the same operation 50x a year. 

  • Medical treatment that is NOT paid by German health insurances

    Classical example is: dental treatment, which is offered in Germany at the highest quality level but it is also quite expensive (when you have to pay it out of your own pocket). Example: an implant of a tooth costs about 2.000 – 3.000 € in Germany. The same implant (with the same producer of the implant) treatment costs about 500 – 1.000 € in Turkey or Hungary, mostly offered by dentists who studied in Germany!!! Medical quality is comparable. 

    But whenever there is a 'real' disease (not beauty surgery, not dental treatment) with a real medical indication, treatment could / should be done in Germany, especially because of the medical quality and it will be paid by the health insurance! 

    If German health insured patients consider a treatment outside Germany (e.g. Mallorca, Turkey, Hungary), you should consult your health insurance before!!! 


GHMC has very good contacts to German and international health insurances and to foreign medical institutions that are offering special medical treatment like dental treatment or beauty surgery outside Germany.

Just ask us – “Asking has no price” (German proverb / saying).

FOR ALL PATIENTS: GHMC is not arranging not serious oriented medical treatments and services. Medical treatment must be proven by clinical trials with positive results and must be proven by official authorities (like FDA in the USA or the Bundesministerium für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte – BfArM in Germany) – Be careful! There are companies that offer non-proved treatment options!!! Example: stem cell or core blood cells as transfusion: no where in the world officially approved, not offered by normal serious (private or state) hospitals/ medical institutions – no clinical trials that prove any significant treatment advantage. There some good research activities and clinical trials that might bring success in future – example for that is in cardiology. Completely different is the stem cell transplantation (not transfusion) which is a significant, long-term, serious and very expensive treatment option especially for systemic diseases (leukaemia, Morbus Hodgkin Morbus Non-Hodgkin, MDS and other diseases where blood production is somehow disturbed – where more and more patients get cured!!!!