General Information for international patients

International patients are patients who are not health-insured in Germany and thus, those patients have to look for a payment of the planned medical treatment.

Germany has for each disease, it does not matter how seldom and how special this disease is, a specialized centre and specialists / professors / doctors for all types of diseases. 

Each patient, it does not matter whether international or national, who wants medical treatment has to find the best specialist for his disease. This is not easy because patients are no specialists and the special medical language doctors normally speak is really hard to understand for-non-medical-specialists. Thus, those patients need professional consulting that is first of all and above all else considering the medical case / situation and not financial aspects. In Germany, concentration or focus on money when it comes to medical treatment is considered as non ethical – and justifiably so because a patient is a customer where consultants, doctors and other specialist have immediately after contacting a special responsibility! This is a huge and important competitive advantage of the German Medicine: first the patient and the help / support for the patient. Financial aspects should never influence medical aspects (this is the vision; we are aware of the fact that this is not true in many parts of the world but in Germany we can afford to have such a luxury vision).


Following important and essential information about a medical treatment in Germany – international patients should know: 

  • Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world
  • In Germany, all types of medical treatment are done
  • In the middle of all work of doctors, nurses, medical consultant is always: the patient
  • In Germany, hospitals are medicine-focused, hospitals are not 5 stars hotels!
  • Unfortunately, German doctors cannot do 'magic' – there are medical situation of patients where no doctor/specialist can help anymore because medicine, research is not so far that a couple of severe diseases can be healed. 
  • In Germany, there exists tight data security rules, especially about individual medical cases;
  • A medical treatment in Germany must be financed – always!!!
  • Before coming to Germany, price-/cost estimations must be done on the basis of the medical documents of the patient - those estimations must be done by professional medical consultants who must have specific, surround knowledge and experiences with German price catalogues for medical treatment and with clinical processes– pls. be careful because there might be non-serious companies!!!
  • An international patient should be honest while explaining his medical problem
  • Normally, estimated treatment costs must be paid in advance! This is the basis for applying and organizing a medical visa! 
  • In Germany, there exist only a few price catalogues for acute treatment, outpatient and/or inpatient, for private treatment and for rehab treatment (daily rates – depending on the rehab centre)
  • In Germany, a patient can always choose between non-private or private medical treatment. There is no medical-qualitative difference between private or non-private treatment! Depending on the medical indication all patients are treated in the same medical quality according to standards. E.g. a pancreas cancer disease can only be treated in very few ways depending on the specific situation of the individual case. Those very few treatment options are the same for all patients, it does not matter whether the patient is private or non-private or rich or poor. For private patients, professors are involved and there are more non-medical services offered for private patients, which brings cost-estimation and final billing up to much higher price. Sometimes, it really makes sense to come as a private patient because the clinical director/professor is really luminary and a celebrity.