General Information

GHMC is currently working closely with the following facilities:

  • A wide array of university clinics throughout Germany
  • Universities including the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), WHU OttoBeisheim School of Management and the Breda University for Applied Sciences
  • Institutes including the Goethe Institute and the Berlitz Language Schools
  • Consulting firms such as Heimeier und Partner, Communicare, German Health Services Munich and InterMedico Bochum


"Ms. Boscher's (CEO of GHMC) workshops and seminars are more enthralling than any crime novel. One learns a lot and is presented with a good combination of theoretical foundation and practical knowledge. All participants are active throughout the entire workshop and seminar, and everyone enjoys while learning. I recommend that you take one of these workshops or seminars." – Dr. Robert Gerl

GHMC workshops and seminars mix theory and practical background knowledge. The basis of all workshops and seminars is experience stemming from clinical processes, clinical organizational structures, clinical personnel, etc., coupled with a well-founded knowledge of medicine, which allows for the discussion of specialist topics. For example, the GHMC lecturer who holds a workshop on an incentive-based system for medical personnel will have first-hand knowledge of and experience in the internal workings of the clinical areas of hospital and medical teams. A workshop on the DRG system requires knowledge not only of the DRG system but also the effects it has on clinical and administrative areas, and how the economic situation may affect the day-to-day work of the medical staff.



GHMC workshops and seminars offer the following:

  • Small groups so that the lecturer can provide individualized attention to each participant
  • All necessary literature is provided to participants
  • Upon completion, a certificate will be presented
  • Feedback questionnaires, which give participants the opportunity to rate the workshop or seminar anonymously
  • At the workshop or seminar's end, participants can ask the GHMC lecturer questions directly and, if necessary or requested, additional literature will be provided to help answer these questions