Health Care Industry – Europe

In other countries of Europe, there also exist good healthcare systems with excellent medical staff. However, almost all healthcare systems do have significant financing problems and have to fight with huge cost increase.

Partly, other European countries, especially the new members of the EU, there are very young healthcare systems. Those countries need to go through many years of clinical and research experiences to treat complex diseases. Other European countries are having small populations, so rare diseases cannot be treated by specialists (considered is that a specialists can prove a certain quantity of patients with those rare diseases and enough medical procedures so that he/she can call him/herself a specialist).

Unfortunately, there does not exist a European –wide medical quality system with criteria to measure the performance of doctors so that a patient has a chance to compare. Additionally there aren’t harmonized European bureaucratic terms and conditions. A patient in Europe has the right to choose medical treatment from the best specialist for his/her disease within Europe, he has to prove that costs are comparable, and then his healthcare insurance need to pay it. The political will and right is established but not really put into praxis, yet.

Political standards for harmonizing certificates of medical professions are set up for many years now (so called Bologna-Process). Germany did not its homework for certificates of medical professions but we are on a good way to do so.