Health Care Industry – Germany

Germany has one oft he beste healthcare systems in the world,
Factors considered such as medical quality, excellent hospitals and medical specialists, the system of financing medical care and also the highest moral-ethical demand are making the German healthcare system to one oft he best worldwide.

In Germany, all medical specialization areas are offered at the highest quality level. Medical equipment is always on the level of the latest modern technique. Medical staff, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical technicians and many other healthcare specialists have an excellent educational background.

Germany’s hospitals and outpatient clinics have a structured quality and hygienic management system for a couple of years now. All Germans are healthcare-insured, it is a must, because Germans have a legally defined right for having access to medically indicated treatment, no matter how expensive necessary treatment is and not matter whether the patient is a rich or poor guy.

Nevertheless, the German healthcare system is changing in a way that not only medical criteria count but also economical criteria, higher efficiency and the best service quality are to be considered. German politics decided that deficit hospitals are not supported over a longer time by the state.

Now the success curve of the German healthcare system is confronting new problems that need to be solved in the soon and extent future. For example, there is a huge and still growing lack of doctors and nurses in German medical institutions. German population is getting older and needs more medical treatment and care which has to be offered by less doctors and less nurses. The growing demand is meeting a decreasing offer and thus the search of more doctors and nurses need to be expanded far beyond Germany’s borders.