International Placement of Medical Personnel

Ursula von der Leyen, the German Minister for Employment, said during an interview with the leading German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

“Germany needs to position itself visibly and attractively at the forefront of the global employment market,” adding that “[T]o remain competitive, Germany needs to look for experts from all fields from across the world.”

GHMC helps medical personnel, especially those from non-EU countries, find work and training opportunities in medical facilities throughout Germany. Germany currently has a critical need for professional medical personnel, especially young clinical physicians and experienced specialist nursing staff in the high-needs areas of intensive care medicine and with experience in the operating-room. This need for specialist staff will only increase over the coming years. The solution is to attract talented staff from the international market.

Although the process of recruiting talent from abroad can be a long, complicated process, it’s possible with the right help. The key is bringing together interested medical facilities and specialists from abroad and providing them with professional support.


GHMC offers a wide range of services for the following groups:

  • Foreign doctors (human or dental), nursing staff, physiotherapists and other medical specialists who did not study in Germany
  • German medical facilities that are interested in recruiting specialist staff from abroad by providing support during all formal administrative processes, such as international recognition of university degrees, the German work visa, etc. (For example, candidates are required to be able to read, write and speak German, and GHMC and our cooperating partners help with this.)
  • German specialist medical personnel, especially German physicians with medical specializations, who wish to work abroad

GHMC continues to assist all of the above-mentioned groups with any problems or questions they may have after successfully applying to and being accepted into a German medical facility.