Consulting in necessary steps for planning 
treatment in Germany (for international patients) 
or abroad (for German patients)

A medical treatment in Germany is a decision for one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Along with the highest medical quality, a patient has legal safety in medical quality and in correct financial invoicing. In Germany, there exists only 3 price catalogues, where all medical institutions have to stick to without exception.

In the USA, where a comparably good healthcare system exists, are prices for medical treatment not only significantly higher but also quite heterogeneous (it seems that each doctor can do his ‘own’ prices – what makes it very difficult for the patient to benchmark/to compare).

GHMC is consulting together with doctoral specialists about whether proposed treatment options are according to national and international standards and are at correct and reasonable prices.

GHMC is also checking price calculations international patients already got or is checking invoicing / billing of German hospitals and providers.

GHMC is consulting patients and their families/close friends about an optimal preparation, doing and finishing a medical treatment in a German medical institution.

GHMC is always answering to the first contact within 24 hours and you can reach us always, means 24 hours from Monday to Sunday on 365 days of the year!