Preparation of Second Opinions

GHMC has a huge network of colleagues who are reputed professors and medical institutions in Germany and worldwide, who are proved experts in their/its medical specialities.

The decision to go for a medical treatment is severe for patients. Patients are not the specialists, mostly, and thus, they have to go to medical specialists trustfully.

We organize Second Opinions for all types of diseases in individual situations. Pls. find more details under ‘General information’. If you are not sure or if you have questions pls. give us a call, we are for you on 24 hours throughout every single day of the year!

A Second Opinion presents the medical, professional opinion of a specialist regarding a special diagnosis concluded on the basis of diagnostic medical documents, results, pictures that allow the specialist to make a therapy proposals according to international medical standards and according to the great experiences of this specialist. If it is about diseases that are not fully explored, in this case the latest status of research regarding this special disease is explained in a Second Opinion. A Second Opinion should also include not only doctor’s advice but also information about care, eating or sports advices.

Pls be aware of a never written rule maybe everywhere in the world and thus also not in Germany: no doctor will tell a patient and his/her family about the question ‘how much time is left over’ - there are always rough prognoses on the basis of the medical facts and in Germany it is a law that a doctor has to make sure that a patient understands his/her diagnoses. Finally, a Second Opinion is a confiding document considering an individual, medical situation of a patient done with the best knowledge you might get worldwide. 

Along with those medical information in a Second Opinion, we offer you what to do in an administrative and organizing way to get access to a proposed diagnostic and therapy options here in Germany.