We offer workshops and seminars in the following fields:

  • Hospital Management – General and Specific Topics
  • Internationalization Strategies
  • Creation of Organizational Structures in Medical Facilities
  • Hospital-Specific Communications and Information Strategies
  • Incentive Structures for Senior Medical Staff
  • Conflict Management for Medical and Nursing Staff
  • International Guest Doctors and Nursing Staff
  • Medical Tourism
  • Intercultural Management in Medical Facilities
  • German and Medicine/Medical Interpreting and Translation
  • International Research Management


Die Durchführung von Workshops und Seminaren erfolgt in folgenden Einrichtungen:

  • In-House-Schulungen
  • Workshops und Seminare in den Räumlichkeiten von GHMC (Hamburg)
  • Workshops und Seminare in Hochschulen, Kliniken, Instituten usw.
  • Einzel-Unterricht



Workshops and Seminars for Medical Staff

A workshop or seminar for specialist medical staff must address more than the technical elements of their jobs. Specialist medical and nursing personnel have, alongside their highly specialized jobs, other important aspects that they have to deal with on a daily basis (e.g., dealing with people who are in a difficult or traumatic situation, or dealing with a very traditional organizational structure with a very strict hierarchy).
The field of medicine is unique, as teamwork is incredibly important but the quality of medical care can also depend on an individual. And so it becomes important that medical personnel know how to deal with more than the “job description.”

Therefore, workshops and seminars are planned in order to address these specific aspects of the jobs of medical personnel. GHMC tailors its workshops and seminars to address these aspects of their jobs by employing the use of soft facts, atmospheric aspects, team dynamics and language.