International Placement of Medical Personnel

The German Minister of Work in Berlin, her Excellency Dr. von der Leyen stated in an interview with a leading daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on June 22nd, 2011 the following:

“Germany urgently needs a transparent & attractive positioning in the global job market, so the Minister: If we want to keep our leading position in the world we need leading specialists from everywhere in Germany.”

GHMC is recruiting medical staff, especially from Non-EU-countries, for German medical institutions. At the moment there is an acute and growing lack of young doctors and young but experienced nurses for specialized areas like intensive care units and operation theatres. This lack will become bigger in future and the national market does not offer enough medical staff so that the international job market might be a solution. 

The process starting from the first contact, e.g. with a young doctor shortly after he has finished medical studies or a specialized nurse, till completing a work contract or guest doctor contract in a German hospital is a long and hard journey, but it is possible. Thus, GHMC is offering professional support for medical staff and for German hospital to go through this process and to finalize a legal and correct contract.


Services of GHMC are offered to following customers:

  • Foreign doctors (human and dental medicine), nurses, physiotherapists and other medical professions, who did not do their studies in Germany or who do not have German citizenship
  • German medical institutions, just like German hospitals and outpatient clinics. GHMC is offering to do the necessary recruiting process for the getting foreign certifications approved and to get the German approbation of medical staff (approbation = Berufserlaubnis). More in details this means that GHMC ensures for German hospitals and other medical institutions that foreign medical staff are accompanied professionally in a legally correct recruitment process to hire medical staff according to German laws and vocational rules. Major prerequisite for a recruitment and efficient adjustment to a new job in a clinical team are understanding, speaking and reading/writing in German. GHMC is offering special courses in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute especially tailored for medical staff in German hospitals where focus is on legally correct patient talks, presentations to medical colleagues, medical documentation and many other practically oriented subjects. See also: 

  • GHMC is supporting German doctors and German nurses who would like to work abroad in medical institutions (jobs in non-profit / aid organizations just like doctors without borders or Red Cross are not covered)

GHMC is accompanying mentioned customer groups even after having reached initial goals. Initial goals might be a working contract for a young doctor (residency/ specialized training = Weiterbildung zum Facharzt) or specialized nurse (in an ICU or OR-department) from abroad in a German hospital or the recruitment of a German doctor or nurse in a hospital abroad.

GHMC will offer a support for all customers, even if initial goals / services are already reached/done.

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