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Consulting for the National and International 
Marketing of German Medicine

German medicine has a history of success. However, it now requires rebranding to ensure its future success. GHMC provides consultation services to both national and international medical facilities. The challenges for today’s German hospitals are:

  • That more focus be placed on the patient, especially in the area of service
  • The improved support of physicians and nursing staff
  • The discovery of new ways to improve economic efficiency while retaining a high standard of medical care


GHMC analyses problems and offers solutions and continues to work with clients as these improvements are made. Improving service with the patient is at the heart of becoming and staying a top medical facility, especially since patients have a choice in where they receive treatment. Patients can make their decision on the basis of, for example, the waiting time in the radiology department, how friendly the nursing staff is, or how attentive the physician is. Optimization concepts are necessary to improve patient-orientated services and make the changes a reality. It is almost always the case that improved patient services must be implemented despite a personnel shortage. Also, medical facilities do not always have sufficient financial resources to improve patient services. For this reason, GHMC supports its clients with manageable and realistic solutions that do not produce greater financial burdens and that are easily implemented by the medical staff.

State-of-the-art medicine and economic efficiency can go hand in hand. If clinical and administrative processes do not complement one another, this almost certainly will affect the work of medical personnel, which in turn will affect the clinic‘s financial security. GHMC develops individualized solutions to solve these problems. Health care policy dictates the provisions for financially viable state-of-the-art medical care, and often new rules and laws are being adopted, and medical facilities must adhere to these changes. The disparity between implementing these new rules and laws and the reality of the day-to-day running of a hospital can be extreme. GHMC has developed solutions to help clinics manage the challenge of incorporating these changes into the clinical and administrative day-to-day running of a medical facility.


Example of Consultation for the National and International Marketing of German Medicine

Consultation/Implementation of a Price System for the Provision of Medical Services, Especially for Inpatient Services or Both In- and Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Germany successfully implemented the DRG system, and Switzerland plans to do the same in 2012. Although the other countries in Western Europe do not have a comparative system, all of them have acknowledged the need for such a pricing system. The implementation and preparation of such a price system is time-consuming and extensive. After implementing the new system, there are immediate changes to all aspects of clinical and administrative routines.

GHMC creates models and incorporates them into the already-existing clinical and administrative routines. Important pillars of such a model are cost-carrier invoicing, suitable medical documentation, coding, accounting, transparent controlling and “fair” internal departmental budgeting. This requires that an open and clear communication strategy be adopted, which means including all those involved in the clinical and administration procedures. The success of the GHMC model can only succeed where understanding and respect for all employees is clearly apparent.