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The planning and creation of new models, the marketing of German medicine, both national and international, and modern clinical management are all new ideas for the somewhat older structures of the German health care system. German hospitals have broken barriers in the field of “the modern clinic” over the course of the last few years. Along with state-of-the-art medicine, financial criteria and efficiency have been recognized as fundamental to the successful planning and management of a modern medical facility.

GHMC uses its expertise and the ideas of the customer when creating programs in the areas of hospital planning, creation of models, realization of planned projects and of feasibility studies, and the planning and model development for government clients in the health, financial and employment sectors.

For planning projects abroad, GHMC uses its years of experience and the successful model of “the German Health Care System” to achieve the goals, requirements and needs of each client’s project. It is not unusual for international clients to say, “We want the exact same clinic as in Munich in our country, in our city.”

State-of-the-art medicine, excellent physicians and nursing staff, and efficient structures in both the clinical and administrative areas are what make the German model so successful. Each individual aspect on its own cannot guarantee success. In our experience, we have seen hospital projects where the most modern, available medical technology was brought in, yet the hospital suffered as it did not pay the same attention to the medical staff, suitable space, efficient processes and training opportunities.

Example of the Planning and Concept Creation 
for Hospital Management:

Implementation of an international strategy that has a focus on attracting international patients for hospitals is being developed. All employees will receive training by GHMC and be assisted as the plan is implemented. A marketing model to attract international patients will also be created.